Daniel Weiser Professional Qualifications:

  • Registered Financial Consultant®
  • Series 65 Securities License
  • Licensed Investment Advisor Representative
  • Licensed in Fixed Annuities, Indexed Annuities, & Life Insurance
  • Licensed in Real Estate 
  • 8-Year tenure as a Trustee for a $180 million 401(k) Plan
  • Lead Pilot's Union Negotiator during a change in 401(k) providers
  • 5-Year tenure as Chairman for an Airlines Crewmember Retirement Committee 
  • Masters Degree in Education
  • Retired B-767 Captain (30-Year Commercial Aviation Career)


"When you are paying an advisor to manage your account, it’s important to also measure your account in mistakes not made and in time and worry not expended by doing it yourself . . . "


Our Business:

  • We are a level-fee licensed investment advisory firm located in Sarasota, Florida
  • In our 14th year of business
  • We serve affluent & high-net-worth clients from coast-to-coast in 12 states
  • Our legacy clients are current & retired airline crewmembers
  • The majority of our clients have moved their employer 401(k) to a rollover IRA

Our Services:

  • We are one of a few select independent firms with access to the Edelman Financial Engines Portfolios
    • Our clients portfolios and investing costs are identical to the Edelman in-house retail clients
    • We do not charge any middleman or markup fees to our clients
    • You have two advisors working for you, not just one
  •  We provide confidential and complimentary retirement reviews 

Our Business Practices:

  • All successful investing is goal focused and planning driven
  • All failed investing in market focused and current events driven
  • All successful investors are working towards a plan
  • All failed investors react to current events
  • Goals beat market activity
  • Planning beats current events


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